SecuritySpy -> HomeKit iCloud camera recording
  • I'm not sure what is involved, but is there any chance of using Apple's new "Record to iCloud" feature that a couple of HomeKit cameras now support? I would like for SecuritySpy to look like a HomeKit camera (I designate which cameras in SecuritySpy setup) and support the iCloud recording.

    I know there's a lot of in between (HomeKit certification, probably, etc.). Just thought it would be a nice feature.
  • I'm afraid not, and this would not be easy to implement - as you mention there is a whole certification process, not to mention the complicated protocol implementation that would need to be done.

    If you need to achieve recording to the cloud, you can do this with SecuritySpy in one of two ways:

    - Use a cloud service such as Dropbox, and direct SecuritySpy to create its recorded files in the Dropbox folder; they will then be uploaded automatically (please see the FAQ Can SecuritySpy capture to a cloud service such as Dropbox?).

    - Get SecuritySpy to record locally and then upload the captured files to an FTP or Amazon S3 server for offline backup (see the Uploads section of the SecuritySpy user manual).
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I knew there would be big challenges.

    I don't know that I *need* recording to the cloud - I just thought it would be nice to use the Apple features. I trust Apple & HomeKit/iCloud. Other services I'm not too likely to use.

    I have a Logi Circle 2 camera coming, for testing with HomeKit/iCloud. Hopefully I can also use it to stream to SecuritySpy at the same time. If not, I may not keep it. I found the discussion from June 2017, and I'm not sure if anything has changed. I'll make a separate post about it, when I've tested.

  • I'm wondering if now apple have published a lot of the technical info for HomeKit on GitHub that someone will be able to get this to work via Homebridge. At present I pretty much exclusively use Home as the app for viewing all my SecuritySpy cameras and having the ability to use the more advanced functionality of the secure camera features would make it much better. (That's not to say I don't like the SS App.. I just like everything being in one place). It's just unfortunate that even although apple have now opened up this information it's really only usable for hobbyists as the licence still doesn't allow commercial ventures to use it.
  • I explicitly disable backing up my capture files. I simply don't have the broadband internet upload speed to even attempt such a thing. I'm very jealous of those that have high speed uplinks and have the option of recording in the cloud! I'm at the max offered in my neighborhood, 140Mbps download, 20Mbps upload.
  • I have a raspberry pi running Homebridge and I have an FFMPEG plugin within Homebridge that uses my cameras secondary feeds and snapshot feeds so I'm able to quickly look at cameras from my Apple Watch using the Home app, as durosity outlined, however I find the feeds slow to open and render in full resolution. SS is far quicker, even though you have to open another app. If you already have some home automation Homebridge shouldn't be too much trouble to setup. To be honest though, I wouldn't trust off site recording for my videos at this early stage in HomeKit. Securityspy is the best, bullet proof way of securing your home, if only for bandwidth reasons as billie outlined.

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