What populates data in Dashboard?
  • My Dashboard says "NO DATA", what do I need to do to enable it?


  • SecuritySpy automatically collects Dashboard data when it is running. If it is displaying "NO DATA" for a particular day it just means that SecuritySpy was not running at all during that day. If you leave it running for a short time, you should see new data being recorded and displayed for the current day.
  • It's been running since Nov 6, and has been sending me daily stats for a few days, but still NO DATA until yesterday. Go figure.
  • This is the first time I've opened the Dashboard, maybe it doesn't start logging till you open it the first time?
  • Data collection is automatic and happens in the background all the time, whether the Dashboard window is (or ever has been) open or not. Are you now seeing normal data as from yesterday? Did you happen to update SecuritySpy yesterday perhaps?

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