SFTP stopped working after 5.1 upgrade
  • Hey there! I recently upgraded (via AutoUpdater) to SecuritySpy 5.1. After the upgrade, I started receiving email error reports every hour indicating a timeout while uploading motion captures. The emails look like this:

    Error uploading the file "11-10-2019 12-23-39 M 3258-FrontYard.mov". 5.1.0,4640,800 The operation timed out. Timeout

    In SS, I went to Preferences > Uploads > selected the server > Test, and it times out there as well.

    As far as I know, nothing else has changed with my setup. Still running OS 10.14.6. More about the setup:
    - the "server" is actually the same Mac that is running SecuritySpy. While I have raw capture files recording to a NAS, I wanted motion capture files "uploaded" to a Google Drive folder for automatic upload to the cloud.
    - the Mac running SecuritySpy has a static IP address, which is what is entered in the Uploads section of Preferences (since it doesn't allow "localhost")
    - from the same machine running SecuritySpy, I _can_ connect to the same path, using the same credentials, using FileZilla. Using FileZilla, I'm able to write files to the directory and delete files using the same credentials.

    I've checked the log and debug file but didn't find anything of note. Let me know if you can think of anything else to check.

  • without wanting to hijack, but on the subject of 5.1: SS runs on an older iMac with HS, it's working perfectly for my needs. Is 5.1 mostly for Catalan, or should I upgrade from 5.0.1?
  • Hi @rhosk - there have been some changes in SFTP uploads, but I'm surprised that you're getting this particular error, we will look into this. To be honest we haven't actually tested uploading to the same Mac that SecuritySpy is running on. Instead, for this purpose, SecuritySpy has a "Local Copy" function, described in the Uploads section of the user manual. From the manual:

    "Local Copy
    To copy the files to a local drive, rather than a remote server, enter local as the server address, and specify the path of a folder on your local file system (drag the folder from the Finder into the Path box to have the path filled out automatically). Paths to folders on the local file system typically start with /Volumes/VolumeName/… to refer to a folder on an attached volume, or /Users/UserName/… to refer to a folder within your user directory."

    @steveb - we are updating SecuritySpy continually with new features, compatibility with the latest macOS, and also bug fixes and stability/performance improvements. You can see what's new on the SecuritySpy Version History page.
  • I was also using the IP address of the Security Spy host Mac via SSH successfully for a while. I configured via IP because "localhost" wasn't recognized; I didn't know about using "local" instead.

    The "Local Copy" feature does look like a solution for me right now, but I'd like to see "localhost" as a valid server address, to give me control over username/password logins and logging.

    But for now, thanks for the forum and the answer!

  • Hey Ben,

    Local Copy is a much more elegant solution to the original problem I was trying to solve. It’s been awhile since I’ve browsed the manual — I’ll have to take a look and see what else I’ve been missing!

    As always, thanks very much for the quick reply and stellar product.

  • Hi - I had exactly the same problem. The update broke a perfectly functioning SFTP upload. I was using Google Backup & Sync to upload files populated to a GDrive folder with snapshots every x minutes for my 8 cams. Then I could provide a really secure method of other users to just see the latest image. Although it was a local folder I was using the local IP address and a fully-specified destination. Replacing the IP field with "local" fixed this for me, and is more elegant. So thanks @Ben and RTFM. Cheers!

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