Captured files disappearing
  • I have had this problem in the past. It went away and now it's back! My configurations usually allow for about 3 months of captured videos to be saved and accessible by the desktop software and mobile app. However, randomly, my old videos are being deleted from the capture folder. Sometimes it will store a week's worth... then poof, gone.

    I have plenty of HDD space (500GB+) and only recording 4 cameras. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have not run into this problem (fingers crossed!). Files seem to get deleted according to my configuration. In my case, I have "Delete old files by age" unchecked, and I have "Delete old files by disk space" checked, with settings to keep 512GB free on the startup disk, and 32GB free on other disks. I use a single capture destination that is a separate volume of 16 TB, and it seems to hover around 50 GB free right now. That keeps about 2 weeks worth for my set of cameras. This volume is backed up by TimeMachine, so I should theoretically have access to more than a month of files (including these latest two weeks) on the TimeMachine volume (about 48TB on hard disk, versus the 16 TB capture to SSD).
  • Thanks! I have similar settings:
    Delete old files - unchecked
    Delete old files by disk space - keep 300GB free

    It’s a 1TB HDD and the Mac’s main use is a SS server. Thankfully I also back up to my Time Capsule so I can always access older files (within reason) just not when I’m on the go.
  • Sounds like you are using the startup disk as your capture destination. Is it possible that there was a temporary large space usage by other applications? OS upgrade, patch set, music/video downloads, etc. something temporary in nature, but still huge? that might have SS clean things more aggressively for a while perhaps?
  • Yes, any temporary large files that use significant space can get you below the 300GB threshold, which would cause files to be deleted.

    Also, recent macOS systems have "purgeable" space, which was interfering with SecuritySpy's method of calculating available space, in older versions of the software. So make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy to rule this out.
  • Great tips. Thank you! Will experiment with some settings knowing this and report back. And yes, running the latest version of SS. Cheers!
  • Just wanted to circle back on this... I created a dedicated partition for the SS videos to be stored and works like a charm! 2 weeks of footage with no loss so far :)
  • Great to hear that! Thanks for reporting back.

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