IFTTT programming
  • Hi
    What is the best method to trigger an IFTTT event (via Webhooks?) from SecuritySpy (eg, I want motion detected on my camera to trigger an IFTT event that turns on my Wemo light switch).

    Reviewing the directions on your FAQ re: IFTTT, are they still correct? There doesn't seem to be a"Run Shell Command" option. I assume the "Run Script" replaced this selection, however, there are no IFTTT Trigger items, only "Web-I" and "WebRelay" activate.

    Would you please suggest the best way forward?


    Triggering IFTTT from SecuritySpy

    If you haven't done so already, you will need to join IFTTT, obtain your IFTTT key, and register an event.

    Then, in SecuritySpy, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions, from the pop-up menu next to the Run shell command option, select the IFTTT Trigger item.

    In the command that appears in the text field, enter your actual event name and key instead of the EVENT and MYKEY placeholders.
  • The "Run Shell Command" is so new that it's not quite in the release version of SecuritySpy yet, but it's in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.1.1b14). Sorry for any confusion, this should be released as an official update within a week or two.

    Please report back once you've had a chance to test this.
  • Upgrading to Beta 5.1.1b14 worked perfectly, the SecuritySpy to IFTTT trigger worked easily (once I had set up the IFTTT webhooks and had tied in my Wemo device to IFTTT.

    For clarity for anyone researching this at a later time: When SS camera detects motion on a particular camera, SS sends a webhooks trigger to IFTT that then turns on the lights that are in same area as the camera.

    Now I need to determine how to turn the lights off after ten minutes.
  • That's great!

    To turn the lights off after 10 minutes you could do two curl command separated by a "sleep 600" command. You can put multiple commands in the space provided, separated by semicolons. So something like:

    curl -X POST [URL1];sleep 600;curl -X POST [URL2]
  • Ben
    Great idea; I honestly hadn't thought to use multiple curl commands. It worked perfectly to both turn on/off the cameras as desired.
    Perhaps add that as an example in your FAQ once it goes live?
  • Great to hear it's working well.

    Good idea, I've added a note in the FAQ about issuing multiple commands.
  • Just set this up - works great!
  • Any ideas if I could have this run only during a certain time? Ideally dusk till dawn
  • Yes: right-click on the camera (e.g. its video feed in any video window, or its name in the Camera Info window), and from the "Actions Schedule" submenu, select "Armed Sunset To Sunrise". This will cause Actions mode (which includes the IFTTT trigger) to only be active at night.
  • Thanks - I meant that I only want the light trigger (on/off) to operate during the day. I want the motion to be active at all times
  • Never mind - I see, under actions. Perfect!

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