Use SS to Detect Webpage Change
  • Greetings! This will date me as an early SS user but it seems like there used to be an extension or ancillary installation that allowed SS to monitor a computer screen (local or networked) as though it were an IP camera. You could choose an area of the screen to monitor, set sensitivity, masks, and actions, etc. Is this still available? Or is there a way to use SS for this purpose without pointing an actual IP camera at a corner of one of my unused computers? :-)

    BTW I know there are paid and free web versions (such as Wachete, Visual Ping, and but I haven't got any of them working the way I want- and I have a feeling it would be easy to set up what I need using SS if this feature could still be available or considered as a feature request. Thanks.
  • Your recollection is correct - we used to provide a free "Screen Capture Pack" that consisted of some QuickTime extensions that grabbed the screen image(s) and provided them as video inputs to SecuritySpy. However, this software was 32-bit only, and used old APIs, and now will not work with newer versions of SecuritySpy. Unfortunately there is no easy way to create a modern, 64-bit equivalent.

    However, we have another software product called RemoteSight that is designed to stream a Mac's built-in camera and screen over the network, basically turning them into IP cameras. So if you simply need to stream one camera and/or one screen image, then RemoteSight will do the job.
  • Thank you for this clarification. I have used RemoteSight in the past, but only for monitoring integrated cameras- I had forgotten RS can also monitor a computer's screen.

    After messing with this challenge for two weeks, using three different software platforms and not getting satisfactory results- I set up your software in five minutes and my new early warning system is working perfectly. And instant iOS Notifications are an added bonus.

    Specifically, in SecuritySpy Settings>RemoteSight Screen>Triggers>Trigger Time, I had been concerned I'd need an increment somewhere between 0.5 Seconds and 1 Frame. But 0.5 Seconds seems to work well, providing a prompt advisory that a monitored website has changed.

    What a great solution! Thanks again.
  • Great to hear it's working well! Thanks for reporting back.

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