Continuous capture not working

  • I am moving my SecuritySpy target to a new Synology device and have setup an FTP location to move the files to.

    Unfortunately videos are not making it to the FTP folders, i do run a test and the test file makes it. I have 8 Cameras and 4 of them are working the other 4 are doing nothing after the test file is uploaded.

    I run the SecuritySpy software on a 2014 iMac 27 inch with 3.5ghz i5 cpu and 32gb of RAM.

    I have disabled and re-enabled continuous capture to kick start it, but nothing seems to work. what am i missing?

  • Hi John, this is going to be a settings issue. Please check the following:

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Continuous Capture, make sure the "Capture movie continuously" option is enabled.

    - In that same window and section, check the "Upload to" checkbox and select your FTP server.

    - Save and close the Preferences window. Right-click on the camera and set the Continuous Capture schedule to "Armed 24/7".

    If you open the "Uploads" window (available from the Window menu you can see the status of the uploads).

    Note that, with this setup, you end up with the recording captured locally as well as copies of them on the FTP server. If, instead, you want to record directly to the NAS, with no local copies, you should not use FTP transfer, but rather mount the NAS on the Mac and then set it as a capture destination.

  • I am doing what you have above, and i am using FTP to move the files to the NAS.
  • Has my above advice resolved the problem? If not, please email us and include screenshots of the continuous-capture settings for the non-working cameras as well as the Camera Info window, and we will help you with this directly. Please also include the log file (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log) so that we can check for any errors.

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