Cameras Constantly Disarming
  • Is there any way to have SS automatically re-arm any cameras that drop due to errors?

    I have Control > All Cameras > All Modes > Armed 24/7 set.

    But an error such as "Error creating captured file for the camera "Driveway". 5.1.0,11455,50605,50886 Failed to finish recording" will knock that camera out of armed mode and it won't get re-armed.

    Any ideas most appreciated. Thank you.
  • SecuritySpy does automatically attempt to re-arm cameras. The real issue is what is causing this error in the first place, as this error code is highly unusual. Could you please email us and include the whole log file (File menu in SS -> Open Log). Please also include a screenshot of the Continuous Capture settings for this camera. This will help us investigate.

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