d-link dcs-2670l setup
  • Hi, i have a D-Link DCS2670l but i can't find the right setup (is not in the profile list). It works fine as 'Onvif' but i can't make the built in microphone works... someone have a suggestion?

    ps: i have read that D-Link camera can be difficult tu set up
  • Unfortunately D-Link cameras can be difficult to set up as they don't have a consistent API across all models. However, as this camera supports ONVIF, this should actually make it easy and I'm surprised you're not getting any audio with this method.

    The first thing to do is to log on to the camera with a web browser (e.g. Safari) and check the camera's settings to make sure that audio is actually enabled. This camera apparently supports both G.711 or AAC. Try both, and if they both work, then AAC is going to be the better format to use.

    The next thing to check is that you have enabled audio in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Cameras -> Audio. Here, the "Audio device" setting should be set to "This network device".

    To see if audio is coming through, check the Camera Info window in SecuritySpy: if there is a black speaker icon in the Audio column this means that the audio is working. If you click this speaker icon you will hear the audio via the Mac's speakers.

    If you continue to have any problems with this, please email us and include SecuritySpy's log file (File menu -> Open Log).

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