Anyone using SecuritySpy with a POE video intercom?
  • I'd be grateful to hear whether the Hikvision or any other POE video intercom/door opener works well with SecuritySpy.

    I don't need remote/internet functionality but will SS give me the main interactive functions on my local LAN - on a desktop Mac, iPhone and iPad? The main functions being:

    1. audible alert when someone rings the doorbell (and/or triggers the door camera's PIR function);
    2. duplex audio conversation;
    3. unlock the door/gate.

    As an added bonus, it would be nice to mirror these functions via mouse or voice command on my TV screen, presumably using Google Assistant or Alexa.

    Thanks for any help.
  • My reply to your other post in a different discussion topic covers some of this:

    Any compatible video doorbell (e.g. Hikvision) will work in SecuritySpy just like any other camera, giving you motion detection, notifications, iPhone/iPad viewing, audio etc. The only thing that SecuritySpy does not have support for is sending events to control door locks.

    If you have an AppleTV, you can also use our tvOS app for viewing live video and audio, but it doesn't have two-way audio (i.e. sending audio to the camera) or notifications.

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