Is SecuritySpy 5 64 bit?

  • Is SecuritySpy 5 64 bit and work with macOS 10.15 Catalina?
  • I ran a program called Go64 that checks your Mac for incompatible apps and it didn't flag SS

    I haven't, however, installed Catalina yet, so probably best to wait and hear directly from Ben or someone who is running SS successfully on the release version of Catalina
  • Both SecuritySpy v4 and v5 are fully 64-bit. SecuritySpy v5 has been tested with Catalina and no problems have been found. SecuritySpy v4 will need to be updated before it will run without a warning on Catalina (for now you can right-click and select Open to get round the warning, and it will run just fine using this method).
  • Thanks, Ben!
  • I am running SecuritySpy v5.0.2b11 successfully on Catalina. I haven't noticed any new issues with SecuritySpy.

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