View captured file (HD) not loading
  • Hi,

    I have two hikvision cameras and an imac isight camera recording. When viewing the files via the web interface on my imac (safari), the hikvision cube (2CD2442FWD-IW) fails to load the HQ version. When i download the clip it plays fine in VLC/quicktime etc. The low quality clips plays ok too.

    The only difference i can see is that the working hikvision camera and the isight camera record as a m4v, whereas the hikvision cube records to mov. I realise there are just containers for the h264, wondering if safari is failing to load the video because of the file extension?


  • The high-quality version plays just fine on my iPad. I suspect this is just browser/extension related...
  • Ive answered my own question.

    For anyone with the same issue:

    Where AAC is not supported by the camera, SS generates a MOV file, causing compatibility issues with some browsers.

    Select 'recompress audio' in the SS settings for the camera, and an M4V file is created.

    I'm surprised that the consumer-grade pan and tilt cheapy hikvision camera supports AAC when the commercial type cube camera costing twice as much doesn't...

  • Good to hear you worked this out. This issue is explained in the following FAQ: Why can't I play back captured files in a web browser?.

    Hikvision didn't used to support AAC in any cameras, so it's encouraging that one of your Hikvision cameras actually does - maybe it's newer? It's unfortunate that not all manufacturers implement AAC - I suspect this is due to the fact that AAC is patented and any manufacturer who produces products that include AAC codecs have to pay a license fee to the patent-holder.

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