Web view keeps freezing
  • I am running on 4.2.11. I've had this problem for a while but haven't really needed to watch live too much. I can get about 30-45 seconds of viewing in over the web and then the screen freezes. It's like the page doesn't refresh completely or it just hangs. As soon as I hit refresh on the browser, it works for about another 30-45 seconds.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix? My mac is too old to move up to the latest version.
  • In SecuritySpy, go to Preferences -> Web, and double-click on the web account that you are using to see/edit its settings. Check the "Video stream duration limit" setting here: is there a value specified? This is designed to limit the live viewing time, and could be the cause of what you are seeing.
  • Thank you. I looked and it was set to 60 seconds. I'll know shortly if that was the issue.

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