Masked Out Area will triggering vehicles
  • I’ve masked out the street completely in green, yet cars still trigger motion clips.
  • It could be vehicle shadows cast into unmasked areas.

    I have a similar issue with people.
  • Yes, shadows could be the cause here. If not, please email us and include some screenshots to demonstrate.
  • If I understand correctly, you have to select "Recompress video data from this device" in order for video masking to work? Its better to do it in the camera if you can.
  • There are two masks and there may be some confusion here between them:

    - Motion mask: this is configured via Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers and determines which areas of the frame are ignored for the purposes of motion detection. Recompression is not required for this.

    - Video blanking mask: this is configured via Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup and determines areas of the frame to erase by drawing black pixels. This DOES require recompression, as it requires SecuritySpy to edit the image data.
  • Presumably if I wanted to prioritise video quality I should avoid all the settings which force recompression (blanking mask, codecs other than H264, others?).

    Are there any scenarios which would force SS to recompress more than once?
  • Yes that's correct - for optimum performance and video quality you should avoid recompression. SecuritySpy will give you a warning if you enable any setting that requires recompression (blanking mask and text overlay).

    There is no circumstance that requires SecuritySpy to recompress more than once.

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