GPU performance
  • On my Mac mini (2018; 3.2GHz Intel Core i7; 64GB DDR4), Dashboard shows my CPU Usage (Total) generally staying below 30%, and Activity Monitor generally shows 90% Idle. However, Activity Monitory shows the Intel UHD Graphic 630 almost fully utilized constantly while SecuritySpy is running (8 x 4K IP Cameras, plus some low resolution cameras). The cameras are in continuous capture mode, but no live feeds are open in any windows. I am planning to replace the low resolution cameras in the near future (they are on backorder), to have 16 x 4K IP cameras. Will SecuritySpy start using the CPU if the graphic chip is busy?
  • Certain tasks can be taken by the GPU, allowing for low CPU utilisation. These tasks are video display to the screen, H.264/H.264 video decoding/encoding, and running the AI algorithm (neural network) for object detection. When SecuritySpy initiates a task (e.g. it attempts to draw a video frame to a window), it's up to macOS exactly how to execute this task. Generally, your assumption is correct that if the GPU is fully utilised, more will have to be done by the CPU.
  • I have added more cameras, yet the CPU usage did not go up demonstrably. The Intel UHD Graphics 630 remains saturated (and in fact video display seems to have gotten worse with the addition of more cameras. I have now connected an AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, and checked "Prefer External GPU" for SecuritySpy v5.0.2b11, however nothing seems to have changed (after stopping and restarting SecuritySpy). The Intel UHD Graphics 630 remains saturated, there is minimal activity on the AMD Radio RX Vega 56, and CPU utilization remains fairly low (under 20% mostly, with an occasional spike to 35%).

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