• Security spy works flawlessly on my local area network.
    I have recently switched to the service provider HughesNet. I am unhappy with the service for a number of reasons, but I have eleven more months on my contract.

    Until then I would love to be able to access my cam.
    HughesNet seems to be unable to help in anyway, except to say it won’t work.
    I am not a network genius, but it seems if I can run a sling box over their network I should be able to access a cam.

    Any chance anyone has had experience with security spy and HughesNet?
    I would love to know anything that will help. Good or bad.

  • It looks like your HughesNet connection does not give you a public IP address, and therefore setting up remote monitoring in the usual way won't be possible.

    The workaround is to use a tunnel service such as ngrok - we have a recent blog post explaining this: Remote Access via Mobile/Cellular or Satellite Internet Connection

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