iOS Shortcuts support
  • I'd like to be able to create a shortcut using the Shortcuts app to enable or disable the triggers for a particular camera along with enabling/disabling my motion detectors. Does SS support Shortcuts in this way?
  • Sorry, at present our iOS app does not support iOS Shortcuts.
  • Any chance this feature will be added to SS at some point?
  • This all depends on user feedback and how many people request this. We have to focus our development resources on those features that are most in demand. At present, we have not had any request for this apart from yours, so it's unlikely that we will be implementing this in the foreseeable future, sorry.
  • i would love to be able to ask Siri to open a specific camera.
  • Apparently iOS Shortcuts can act upon iPhone geographic location.

    Since my wife and I always have our phones with us... I'd love to have a shortcut automatically enable my cameras when we're both away from the house. And automatically disable cameras when we return.

    That would be a killer feature for us!
  • It may be easier for Ben to have security spy act as a bridge to Homekit directly, especially since Apple said that HomeKit is now open to any Apple developer to tinker around with and developers no longer have to get a MFi license to start controlling prototypes of smart home gadgets. Not sure how the licensing works beyond that, so I'm sure its a little more complicated that that from Ben's side.

    In the meantime, if your a DIYer, See the Home Assistant Thread...

    You can setup Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi or Virtual Machine and then use home assistant to create switches to arm and disarm security spy cameras and create geofencing rules. If you prefer to use the Home app or Homekit, Home Assistant can also bridge those switches over to Apple Homekit and in Homekit you can create geofencing automations that trigger the home assistant switches to arm and disarm your security spy cameras.

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