License Violation
  • Never change multiple things at once. I moved computers (New Mini) Then upgraded to 5.01 - I'm getting the error message that I'm running the software on more than one computer at once. I have trashed to old version 4.x - when I reenter the license code it says thanks and it's a 16 camera license. At another location I also run Security Spy a version 4 - an 8 camera version. Are they talking to each other? One is under Robert Ross (the version 5) and Robert Ross 2

    Thanks Bob Ross
  • Hi Bob,

    It looks like you're using your v5 "Robert Ross" license at the same time as your old v4 license in the same name (which is not allowed because the old v4 one has been superseded by the new v5 one).

    However, as you say, you have two different licenses, one in the name "Robert Ross" (SSv5) and the other in the name "Robert Ross 2" (SSv4). These are independent licenses and will not conflict with each other. I have just sent you an email with full details of these two licenses, to confirm which codes you should be using.
  • I thought it might be something like that.

    But, I can not find your email. I two active accounts, an icloud and a - a dead one at

    Thanks Bob
  • Hi Bob, I've resent my email to your address.

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