Browser suggestions
  • While I like your browser, there's a couple of things I think would help improve it:
    1. date navigation requires clicking on the mouse, tabbing & keyboard inputs similar to quicken would be great, +,-,T-today, MontH (M beginning of month, H end of month), YeaR (Y beginning of the year, R end of the year)
    2. once a day is over, it should continue on the next day automatically when playing.
    3. better navigation buttons for FF, or rewind, needs to be more intuitive for scanning.
    a. right arrow plays faster for each click
    b. left arrow plays slower if playing, or rewinds per number of clicks
    4. right click on the file to open the folder in finder
    5. a zoom function where the mouse is at and sliding the mouse down expands the center of the mouse. or click-and-drag for the zoom area

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Here are my comments:

    - Have you tried JKL control? These are standard shuttle controls used in many media players, and they work in the Browser. J=reverse, K=stop, L=forward; multiple presses go faster in each direction.

    - It's not clear to me that the Browser should automatically move to the next day while playing. Especially as collating the footage for the day can take some time.

    - The right arrow icon already does result in faster play per click. As for the left arrow, while playing, we're mimicking what happens in QuickTime Player, which is that the playback then switches to rewind.

    - Right click on file currently allows you to choose a tag for the file. If you want to reveal the file in the Finder, it's Command-Shift-F (or use the option in the Browser menu).

    - There is already a zoom function: hold Command, and scroll up/down on the mouse. When zoomed in, scroll on the mouse to pan.

    My comments all apply to the latest v5.0.1 version of SecuritySpy.

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