PTZ presets work in Camera but not in SSpy
  • I have installed a Aokwevision ONVIF camera which works like a charm with SSpy.
    In the camera's (Windows+plugin based) webserver, I can set and call PTZ presets. (through plain Safari, OSX)

    In SecuritySpy, I can neither set nor call any preset from this camera.
    (or at least: calling any may-or-not saved SSpy preset does not move the camera).

    What am I doing wrong or what setting has to be adjusted?
    I have the same PTZ-preset issue with another PTZ ONVIF camera from China, Inesun brand.
  • When I had problems with my Amcrest cameras, it turned out that for PTZ to work correctly I had to be logged into the camera as the default 'admin' user from Security Spy. I had made an administrator user with a different username on the cameras and was logging in from SecSpy that way, and the camera worked, streamed images, etc, but for whatever reason, the PTZ didn't work. So I went back to admin, all default settings in SecSpy, and that worked. A lot of these security cameras have a lot of very stupid bugs or firmware limitations.
  • My experience with Dahua PTZ cameras (which is unfortunately very little) is that you have to create the presets in SecuritySpy to use them in SecuritySpy. The presets created in the camera's web interface are inaccessible to SecuritySpy.
  • Creating working PTZ presets in SSpy for this camera turns out impossible.
    (btw: no SSpy interface feedback on clicking on alt-number) such as 'Saved', but more relevant: calling a supposed made SSpy preset doesn't give any reaction: no movement.
    I have tried to use a re-installed (default) admin account but to no avail.
  • Every camera has a slightly different API for setting and activating PTZ controls. I'm guessing the camera you have doesn't work in SecuritySpy because SecuritySpy doesn't know how to send the commands to this camera.

    Your cam is not listed on the supported devices list: - No cameras from Aokwevision are listed there.

    Hopefully @Ben has other ideas, but I'm afraid this isn't going to work right now.
  • Both this Aokwevision and Inesun camera are ONVIF-compliant. That makes it strange why these camera's PTZ presets are apparently not sent to SSpy. I'll give it another week of fiddling with settings before I give up. Next time I will consult the supported devices list first.

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