Capture Error
  • Hi!

    I've been getting a lot of those....
    2019/08/06 19:51:52: Error performing motion capture for the camera "Piscine", motion capture mode has been disarmed. 5.0.1,5575,55340,818 Failed to record video frame. The key frame interval from the network device is too high, locate and change this setting in the device (may be called I-frame interval / I-frame rate / GOV length / Intra frame period).

    What is the best way to correct this...

    My I frame interval is at 50... BTW I don't know what I frame is for
  • A compressed video stream is composed of I-frames, which encode whole video frames, and P-frames (or delta frames), which encode only the changes since the previous frame. This is one of the techniques that makes codecs such as H.264 and H.265 so efficient. However, if the interval between two successive I-frames is too long, it becomes difficult for the receiver to deal with the stream and there are various negative effects, so SecuritySpy imposes a maximum value of 160 on this. This is a very high value, and should not be exceeded under normal circumstances.

    We recommend an I-frame interval of around 2x the frame rate. So if your camera is streaming at 10fps, we recommend an I-frame interval of 20.

    However some cameras have special codecs (e.g. Hikvision's "H.264+" or Axis' "Zipstream" technologies) that may result in very long I-frame intervals, so please check for this and turn any such features off in the camera's settings. You should be using standard H.264 or H.265 with a fixed I-frame interval.

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