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    I have 2 identical cameras connected to a SS server on a Mac mini. Both cameras have been performing flawlessly for a few months now. As of late (maybe after the latest SS update to 5.0.1??), just one of the cameras will not capture a video when triggered (or it will just once every day), while the other camera is performing as usual. I have rebooted the problematic camera, removed it from the server then added again, with no improvement whatsoever. Is there a way to downgrade back to SS 5.0? Or is there another way to troubleshoot this behavior? Thank you
  • There is nothing in the 5.0.1 update that could cause this, and it's not a known problem, so I don't think that going back to 5.0 will help.

    The first thing I would suggest is to check that the cameras are set to the right schedules - see the Getting Started section of the user manual. For example, if you want to enable Motion Capture, set the Motion Capture Schedule to "Armed 24/7" (right-click on the camera's video feed or name in the Camera Info window for a pop-up menu that allows you to set this).

    Next, check the Camera Info window and make sure that the "M" indicator is turning red in response to motion. If not, this indicates some problem with your triggers.

    If you are still having problems, please email us and include screenshots of all relevant settings, and the Camera Info window (to capture a screenshot, press command-shift-4 and select the area you want to capture. A file called "Screen shot" will appear on your desktop).
  • Thank you. Yes, all settings are identical between the cameras, both armed 24/7, M indicator turns red when triggered but for some reason only 1 camera actually capture the video. Will email screenshots shortly. Thanks again!

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