Feature request: Add capture path for each camera to the ++systemInfo query
  • I would like to call ++systemInfo at launch of my script so I can gather info - camera names, camera numbers, and the current capture destination path for each camera (as specified in Prefs > Cameras > Setup > Capture Destination)

    Security Spy doesn't include that path in the ++systemInfo XML. Once I know that capture path, I can glean the underlying directory structure //camName/YYYY-MM-DD/ and walk through it to search for files and do other stuff I need to do for setup of the script.

  • OK sure, I have added this as a new "capture-path" parameter to the ++systemInfo in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.0.2b6). Please confirm it works as expected.
  • Ok, great - you made < capture-path > supply the entire path all the way down to the camera name folder. That works for me! Thanks!
  • I'll update the securityspy go library with this soon too: https://golift.io/securityspy

    @photonclock check out https://github.com/davidnewhall/secspy - you may find it useful.
  • @frankyhall thanks, the FILES command is working for me. Your CLI is useful. I'm midway through the increasingly elaborate python server monitoring client I'm writing which does SecSpy event monitoring, captures file paths, renames them, moves them, and assembles JPG image sequences into batches for hand-off to ffmpeg for recompress into a quicktime for later review.
  • That sounds cool. If you write Go, all of that can be done with a single binary. I wrote this to integrate with another app I use to do something similar to what you described. Except it transcodes videos directly from the camera. https://github.com/golift/ffmpeg (this is a library, not a binary).

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