Temp Disarm or Disable notifications while at home
  • Looking for a way to disable notifications at certain times, like when I'm home and in the yard. I was looking for an IFTTT or another tool that was just a button or maybe a simple dial that disabled push notifications for a specific time (like 30 min) and then a simple reactivate button.
  • You can do this directly in SecuritySpy using temporary "schedule overrides" - info is in the Getting Started section of the user manual. Schedule overrides are also available via SecuritySpy's web interface.
  • Ben, I had read that prior to posting. Using that method I have to go into each camera and disable notifications then reverse to turn it back on. I was looking for a single button that addressed all cameras. Based on the current process I have (4) per camera: select the camera, select settings, disable/enable, done (then select the next camera). Did I miss something in the directions?
  • The schedule overrides are temporary (e.g. 1 hour), and so you don't need to reset them; they will reset by themselves.

    But yes, currently they are applied per camera. I agree that it would be useful to apply them to groups of cameras, so I'll see what we can do about adding this functionality in the future.
  • Thanks!
  • Ben, I'd like to add something to this... It would be useful to have other timeframes available. I most often need to get 2-4 hours of disabled notifications. Deliveries and service work that usually runs that amount of time. The one hour is rarely useful in my usage.
  • Hi @calvarez - understood, this is already on our "to do" list and will be added soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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