MP4 video Output
  • Hi, is there a way to hav an .mp4 video file format on capture event?
  • As long as the video codec being recorded is H.264 or H.265, and the audio format is AAC (or there is no audio), SecuritySpy will create MP4 files for the recordings (otherwise, MOV files will be created). Does this answer your question?
  • so with this settings it will be save in .mp4?
  • By default, SecuritySpy will save the video and audio data from IP cameras directly to the captured files, without re-encoding it. In this situation, the settings under Preferences -> Compression in SecuritySpy will not be used. These settings are only used when SecuritySpy is actually doing the compression itself (which happens when you enable the "Recompress" options under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device).

    Note that re-compression of incoming video that is already compressed (such as from IP cameras) is undesirable, as this uses CPU time and reduces video quality.

    So, assuming this is an IP camera, use the Camera Info window to check the format of the incoming audio and video (if you don't see these columns, click the header bar where you see the column names to add them). If you need to change the format of video/audio that is being delivered by the camera, connect to the camera directly with a web browser to view/change its settings.

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