TV OS Multiplex
  • where can i fiend this settings on apple tv app and cycle camera full screen


    also is there a way to disable audio on live view on Ipad, i lower the ipad audio complete and still hear sound from live view on ipad

  • Hi - in our Apple TV app, the first screen you see when opening the app has buttons at the top for Multiplex and Captures. The Multiplex button allows you to cycle all cameras in a full screen view. Here is an example of what you should see:

  • yes i see that, what i dont see is the option of cycle 2 cameras on full screen every 12 sec, if i click on multiplex it will automatic open my 2 cameras side by side and what i will like to see is full screen camera and cycle every few sec

  • this is what i mean

  • OK, I understand what you mean now. While in Multiplex mode on the tvOS app, swipe down on the touch surface on the Siri remote, and you will see the options to select the group size and display time.
  • thank you, that swipe down fix it

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