Feature request: Trigger schedule
  • First of all love the new AI feature, super helpful for my busy corner. Wondering if there would be a way to set schedules for different Trigger parameters? (ie daytime trigger at 85%, dark at say 45%). Between the varying traffic levels and capture quality at these times having different setting besides just armed and unarmed would be ideal.

  • Great to hear you like the new features!

    Sorry, it is currently not possible to have the thresholds change automatically at different times of the day. The best solution is going to be to try to ensure that you have good-quality images at night (good lighting, sensitive cameras etc.) and to find threshold levels that work well in all situations. Our recent blog post should help: Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection.
  • Hi Ben,

    I just came here asking the same thing. I have noticed that my frontdoor camera does not detect humans at night.

    I still have to test how low I can go with the human prediction parameter, but the inital poster's request would also be nice to have.. or a http command to set sensitivities for individual cameras would be nice.
    That way I can schedule the sensitivities with Indigo.

    With Perry's plugin for Indigo, I can set the overal motion sensitivity, but not the prediction levels..
  • You can actually set these parameters with an HTTP POST to camerasettings. Here are the relevant parameters:

    mcThresholdH - Human threshold for Motion Capture
    aThresholdH - Human threshold for Actions
    mdSensitivityText - Motion detection sensitivity
    mdTriggerTime - Motion detection trigger time value

    You'll also need to add an "action" parameter with the value "save" to save the settings. For example:


  • Hi Ben, thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I did browse the http commands manual, but I must have overlooked these.
  • These are actually currently undocumented, but I'll add these to the web server specification document, as they may be useful for others.

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