Feature request: trigger an action on camera error
  • I would really like to have the ability to trigger an action, specifically run a script, when a camera has been in an error state for X minutes. I have a couple of cameras plugged into smart plugs that are integrated into my smart home platform (Hubitat). I'd like to be able to automatically restart them when they error out for a while by CURLing a url on my hub. I already do a similar thing to trigger a couple of virtual motion sensors so Hubitat knows when my cameras sense motion.
  • I don't see an easy way to implement this in SecuritySpy directly, but this would be possible using a script that polls SecuritySpy regularly and checks the status of the cameras. The script could then trigger other events if a certain camera is seen to be offline for a certain period of time. See the "Parse System Info" example on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page for a demonstration of how to determine the status of the cameras.
  • That works great. Thanks! :)

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