License Plates
  • Recently, I caught an armed robbery on camera across the street (Guy in truck drives by, jumps out, steals a kid's cell phone at gunpoint.... geeeez!), it was good video, except my Hikvision bullet cam still couldn't capture the license plate; when you zoomed in, it was just too pixelated and blurry to read. The camera store guy told me only "Specialty" license plate cameras (with License Plate Recognition (LPR) software) have the necessary AI software to record licenses..... and they're ~$700 :( Is that true? Any chance a License feature is on your bucket list?

    I noticed the LPR software actually does log the numbers which is cool. So it sounds like a major undertaking.
  • That sounds like a scary situation! Good to hear that it was recorded, hopefully that will be hopeful for the police.

    License plate recognition software doesn't work better than the human eye - if the plate is not readable to you, it would not be readable to LPR software. So the key thing is to have a camera with enough pixels, with the right lens, mounted at the right angle, so that license plates are clearly visible when zoomed in. This is typically going to be a high-res camera (5 MP) with a lens that isn't too wide (4-6mm) that isn't mounted too high.

    We are considering adding this functionality to SecuritySpy in the future, as there does seem to be some demand for it. But it is not simple to add, and it does generally require very high-quality images taken in the right circumstances.
  • Thanks! I see all these YTs where people have used Raspberry PI's for plate recognition. Raspberry Pi's are Linux, so porting the code to Mac seems doable; I'm not a programmer, so I think it's easy ;)

    re: Cameras: my 4MP Hikvision (2K?) isn't any better that the 1.3MP pinhole door camera when you zoom in, both are all pixelated. Now they have 4K cameras (8MP), hopefully that would make the difference for reading license plates.
  • PS: I uploaded the Video to CrimeStoppers, and aired on local news, which you'd hope the police had access to. It's been a month and nothing, so doubtful the guy got caught w/o a license plate no.

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