Version 5 H.265
  • I upgraded to v5, everything seemed to go pretty seamlessly on my Mac mini (Late 2012, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, quad-core) running Mojave. I don't seen any big changes in the Mini's performance. Security Spy seems to handle 6 cameras pretty well on this machine. However, I can't seem to get the H.265 compression to work. I set the Compression to H.265, but everything is still running/saving as H.264. The Camera info screen still show H.264 on all cameras, and .m4v files are still all H.264.

    I have a mismash of Hikvision cameras and firmware versions, I don't think the make/model should have much to do with, SS is getting the video feed in RSTP format, just not applying the H.265 compression. For completeness, Here's the cameras if it makes a difference.

    Is H.265 working for other users? Any tips or tricks in the settings? Is there some Mojave feature you need?

    Thanks in Advance

  • By default, SecuritySpy will use whatever format of video is being supplied by the camera, and none of your Hikvision cameras actually support H.265. According to your list, they are all slightly older models with support for H.264 only.

    Your NC326-CU camera, however, does apparently support H.265. So to use this format, you must log on to the camera with a web browser and change the encoding format to H.265.

    You can get SecuritySpy to re-encode incoming H.264 video to H.265 (by setting H.265 as the encoding format under Preferences -> Compression, and turning on the "Recompress video data" option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device for any camera you want to be re-encoded), however I would strongly recommend against doing this. It will massively increase your CPU usage, as well as degrading image quality. H.264 is still a very good format that gives you efficient file sizes.
  • Follow-up.... So I changed the compression in the Hikvision NC326-CU camera from H.264 to H.265 to what improvement in file size I'd see..... Big disappointment, a 1:45 minute H.264 file prior was 5.1 MB. The H.265 option produced a 5 MB file for 40 sec. Wrong direction! Not sure Hikvision has good H.265 implementation. I also tested the recompression option, it did reduce file size, but you're right, the CPU temps on my Mac Mini went way high (200 deg F vs 160 normal) during the file generation. Agreed, recompression on the Mac not worth it; the file size was only 20% smaller.
  • I bought a new Dahua (OEM) 8MP WDR IR IPC-HDW5831R-ZE eyeball (turret) camera. 8MP=4K. When I set it to H.265, security cam immediately gives me a pop up message saying No No, can't handle H.265 for this camera.

    Is anyone having success with H.265?

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