iOS SecuritySpy App with v5
  • We have noticed since v5 upgrade, the iOS app frequently asks for user/pass authentication, and today it stopped making connections altogether. We found that you can workaround this issue by removing the IP address from the iOS, then adding a new site. It will show the cameras, but upon reload, it says it cannot connect (repeating this process works).

    At first I thought my VPN or firewall was blocking it, but found with testing that it's just the iOS app. Any ideas?
  • We've had good luck on iOS and Apple TV. Maybe delete the app and preferences and reinstall?
  • There are no known issues with our iOS app and SecuritySpy version 5.

    Are you connecting using a VPN? If so, please see this section in the SecuritySpy app user guide: Connecting Over a VPN

    Does this resolve the problem?

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