IR @ Night + the Rain causing a few false positives, any ideas?
  • Hi Ben, all, firstly, v5 - awesome. Loving the benefits of the smarts in the motion detection - false positives are nearly a thing of the past.

    However, wondering if anyone could make any suggestions - my environment currently has 2x pretty decent quality IR cameras and an external IR floodlight for the driveway. All works perfectly until it starts raining at night - the rain/wind / IR combo results in some pretty exciting images which seem to universally trip the motion detection. Pre-version 5 I used to wake up to hundreds and hundreds of alerts even with pretty low settings. With the new smarts, it's much better, but still getting a few too many triggers in the rain.

    Any suggestions to minimising this - don't mind the occasional false trigger, but still seems to be a few. I've got the sliders set to about 50% for the motion detection and 85% for the human/vehicle ones and a 2 second trigger time. I'm assuming the human/vehicle AI only occurs once the motion detection is triggered - so having a low motion detection isn't great. Cameras are outputting at native frame rate which is about 25-30FPS.

    I wondered if there was a possibility of scheduling lower sensitivity at night (IR mode) vs day when I have no issues, even in the rain. Or any other suggested tweaks. Im not sure whether my settings are 100% optimal - haven't notice them missing any motion but seem to be ok so far.


  • Im getting the same issue. Rain and headlights moving across my parked car causes triggers. I am not able to find a good setting to fix it.
    Its a bummer since it is the rainy season here in S FL.
  • Ill have to wait until it rains hard again, but I had to turn down the sensitivity to 20 and the vehicle setting to 30 to avoid the triggers during the last rain. I think that may be a little low of settings, although i have only missed a couple triggers that should have been triggered after the adjustment.
    The suggested settings from the manual work great until it rains.
  • I wonder if it's possible to send your rainy footage to Ben for training?
  • One problem with rain is that in-camera IR illuminates it very brightly right in front of the camera, and triggers the motion detection continuously.

    The AI will filter out most of these false-positive detections, and while it's very accurate at around 95%, this does mean that there will be a 5% error rate, so for you will still get a few false positives coming through.

    The best solution is to use separate IR floodlights, rather than in-camera IR. @jonovortex - you said you have IR floodlights. Therefore you should turn off the cameras' own IR LEDs. This should dramatically reduce the problem.

    @CVH - are you using the vehicle detector? If so, then any constant movement (e.g. rain) in front of your car is likely to trigger the vehicle detector, even if the car itself isn't moving. This is a tricky one to solve. One solution would be to mask out any areas of the frame where there are likely to be parked cars. Another solution would be to turn off the vehicle detector, and just use the human detector, if this is OK for your purposes.

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