AXIS Q6128-E
  • I have the camera referenced in the discussion title, I keep getting error 4001 see log. I get the error constantly throughout the day on and off. I am also having issues with PTZ as well. When I pan it does an entire 360. When we tilt it goes all the way and the same with zoom, it zooms all the way in. Is there a fix for this?
  • I'm surprised you're having this problem with an Axis camera. There are a few main things to check first before we look into this further:

    - Make sure the camera has the latest firmware available from the manufacturer.

    - Make sure you are up to date with your SecuritySpy version, whether that is SecuritySpy version 5 or SecuritySpy version 4.

    - Make sure the camera has a reliable high-speed network connection (ideally wired gigabit Ethernet).
  • I have checked everything you said and it is all up to date. The camera runs seamlessly on the axis camera live view it’s no issues what so ever. That’s why I was thinking it was on security spy web severer.

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