Motion graphs
  • V5.

    I keep the "Camera Info" window up all the time, and one of the columns is "Motion". I also have the camera preferences, 'Triggers" window open, which has a graph for "Current motion". I see that the two are not the same; in particular, the Camera Info window often shows more motion (the "gauge" is redder) than the Triggers window. e.g maybe the camera info is more on more constantly while the triggers window gauge just flashes occasionally.

    How are they different?
  • The Camera Info motion bar is generated from the source video data, whereas the Preferences window motion bar is generated from the scaled-down image that is being shown in the Preferences window itself. This probably accounts for the difference, as the extra scaling could result in slightly different pixel values getting fed into the motion detection algorithm.

    The reason for using the scaled-down preview image in the Preferences window is because the motion algorithm draws red blocks on the image data to indicate where the motion is being detected, and we only want these displayed within the Preferences window and not on the actual source video data itself (which might get recorded, sent through the web server etc.).

    So while there might be a difference, it should be a very small difference - can you confirm?
  • Thanks for the explanation. What you are describing may be the root of what I'm seeing. Most of the time they are the same. Once in a while I'll see something I can't explain, like the Camera Info motion bar lighting all the way up while the Preferences motion bar lights up only halfway. Or maybe Camera Info will light up around 40% and in black, while Preferences won't light up at all.

    It feels like the Camera Info window is sometimes more "responsive" if that makes sense. Sorry I can't be more precise about it. And I don't think it's really worth pursuing further. I was just curious if one was pre-mask and one post-mask, or some other obvious differentiator.

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