Foscam F19902P 1FPS
  • Hi, bought a Foscam F19902P to replace an old Axis camera that had got flaky. All connected fine and video looks good through the live view in a browser but Security Spy is only showing about 1fps in the camera view despite it saying it's getting 15fps. Connecting with Foscam H.264 RTSP (video & audio). Any help appreciated.
  • Could you please clarify where exactly seeing the 1fps and the 15fps figures? What does it say for the fps in the Camera Info window?

    Check the camera's own settings to see what frame rate it is set to - what is set there?
  • Hi, followed up with an email and tried lots of options so it's gone back to Amazon while in the return window. Thanks for the help.
  • Replaced with a F19800P that is working fine.

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