Hikvision Doorbell Playback
  • Quick question. I've got a Hikvision doorbell IP camera and it streams h.264 to SS. SS records these files as .mov which I suspect is due to whatever audio codec is being used. My question is about the playback of these recorded files: why can I play back these files without issue on iOS via SecuritySpy app and macOS via direct file load but not through Safari via web interface on Mac? The file even plays properly on iOS' Safari. Is this a strange one-off incompatibility? This is on a pretty vanilla MacBook Pro running macOS 10.14.5 w/Safari 12.1.1.
  • The error I receive when loading the file via Safari on macOS is "Unsupported Plug-in"
  • Yes, this will be due to the audio codec. It's explained in this FAQ: Why can't I play back captured files in a web browser?

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