Using Trial - A tad flakey & consuming very high CPU
  • I am having a few 'teething' issues I would appreciate any constructive feedback

    I am running SecuritySpy on a 2012 Mac Mini 10.12.6 2.6GHz i7 4 core with 8GB RAM about 40TB of disk

    I have:-
    3 Foscam C1s - connected using Foscam H264 profile
    1 Foscam F19902P - connected using Foscam H264 profile
    2 zeetopin 1080p cameras - using ONVIF profile

    I have three Unifi APs evenly spread around the house

    Everywhere has strong wifi signal.

    1. SecuritySpy will frequently 'lose' a camera - going to the cameras webpage shows the camera is up and working with a video stream running.
    This issue is usually solved by a. rebooting camera or b. restart SecuritySpy.
    SecuritySpy will often report bad username/password even though SecuritySpy has not been touched then suddenly the camera returns and the same username/password is now ok.
    Other issues with iPhone/AppleTV Apps where cameras stop functioning but are on the SecuritySpy Mac - restarting the iOS/AppleTV App suddenly fixes the camera.
    I am currently only getting one camera to work and that keeps dropping offline.

    Fing, and Unifi and the devices all report the cameras are getting excellent wifi, as evidenced by accessing cameras through native interfaces.

    2. The other more concerning worry is that SecuritySpy will go from 20% to 50% then 90% CPU for all 4 processors for no apparent reason. Continuous record is off, audio is turned off for all camera, no recompression is enabled, all are using H264, Motion Triggers are on. The time when SecuritySpy starts consuming CPU there is no activity on any of the cameras.
    The only way to stop SecuritySpy consuming all CPU is to restart it then it goes back to 10-20% CPU.

    Very worrying if I am not around to watch it.

    Any ideas anyone?

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