upgrading mac advice Mac Mini versus iMac
  • Hi, I will be upgrading from 2009 mac pro tower very soon, trying to decide between the new iMac 27" (8th gen i5 processor) or the new Mac Mini with the i5 processor. I also run indigodomo home automation and Lightroom for photography. 12 camera system, most are 3 mb, zavios, geovision and a vivotek. Any recommendations or experiences with these machines?
  • Both are very capable machines that will give you good performance for a 12-camera system.

    Between the 6-core Mac mini i5 3 GHz and the 6-core iMac i5 3 GHz, they are the same in terms of speed, so the main difference is simply whether you need the built-in monitor of the iMac, or whether you already have your own monitor to attach to the Mac mini.

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  • I just upgraded from my 2012 mac mini to the new mini. 6-cores 3.2GHz with 64GB Ram. I am running 8 cameras with the saved camera files going to an external SSD. All I can say is "WOW". Cleaned up some I/O errors on writing to the external SSD. Also, only 16GB of RAM has been allocated and next to zero swap.

    Ben is correct only consider the iMac if you need a monitor.

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