What is your Doorbell Camera Recommendations?
  • So I've been reading the comments for 6+ months and been waiting on purchasing a video doorbell camera, in order to let the experts on this site work out the kinks. I would like to have my footage go to SS, where I'm uploading via 1Gb AT&T Fiber to Google Photos. I need something slender like the Hikvision or Ring

    So what's the consensus? Any help is appreciated
  • Check out this other forum discussion about doorbell cameras.

    My recommendation would be to go for a Hikvision model.
  • I have a Ring Pro and it works great.

    The Good
    -Gives me real time audio at my front door to my Iphone.
    -Clear and reliable video on my phone.
    -Good motion detection.
    -Working doorbell.
    -The software updates regularly.
    -Some ifttt recipes.
    -If it gets stolen. Ring will replace it for free.
    -The ring app is decent.
    -Snooze feature. Kills notifications on for a predetermined amount of time 15 min - 2 hours. Helps a lot from 5-7 pm. My front door is busy and i don't get 200 notifications showing dogs and kids.

    The Bad
    -$30 dollars a year.
    -It's $200 USD now.
    -No integration to SS or BI.
    -Its the internet of things, you might get hacked.
    -Cant speak to its low light quality. My porch is well lit 24/7. Probably not good in LL.
    All security cameras suck in low light. IMHO.

    I was a early adopter of the Hikvision doorbell (LTS). Returned it in my 30 day return window. It felt like a beta release. IR glare was bad with no way to turn the IR LED off. Needs a real strong Wifi connection and these are Still issues for others. There seems to be some success here in regards to SS integration or if you have a Hikvision NVR. I didn't get that far. I already have two cameras viewing my front door. I bought this Ring Pro for the interim until someone brings a better and affordable Onvif-IP Doorbell solution. Im happy for now... When I talk to visitors at my front door they think i'm home no matter where i am. I find that a value.
    I'm not a Hikvision Hater. All of my IP cams right now are some Hik variant. I just that I put about 20 hours into that Hik doorbell cam and HIK Connect app and didn't get far. Thats why Im trolling it. Your mileage may very.

    Cheers Tighe

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