Continuous Capture not working
  • I recently switched one of my cameras from motion detection to continuous, but the continuous isn't capturing anything.

    My schedule is a 15-minute window in the morning.

    If I open the iOS app during that time, the C is highlighted on that camera, indicating it should be recording, but no video is captured.

    If I switch it back to motion detection, it works (though creates a bunch of videos, even with motion sensitivity set to 100), so I don't think it's an issue with the schedule.

    Any suggestions on what I should look at to troubleshoot further?
  • A few things to check:

    - Check that the "Capture movie continuously" checkbox is enabled, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Continuous Capture.

    - Check that there is enough free space on the destination drive; if the free space is lower than the thresholds set in the Preferences for automatic file deletion, the files could be deleted as soon as they are being created.

    - When you say the "C" indicator is "highlighted", do you mean that it is shown in red? If so, then recording should be taking place. While it is red, do you see any files available for download? You can check this via the iOS app, via the web interface, or via the Browser feature in the software itself.
  • Aha, the Camera preference to capture Continuous wasn't checked.

    Will see how it goes tomorrow morning!

    Thanks (as always) Ben!

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