View second camera feed from location 2 which is connected to SS in location 1?
  • I currently have SS set up on my Mac at 'location 1' with 2 cameras, all is fine. I also have a camera at another address 'location 2' which feeds to SS at 1 using the camera address '' - all works fine and the integration of the two locations is seamless with three cameras showing up, recording etc. Temporarily I want to add a second camera to '2', but cannot work out how to do this as I cannot work out a parameter to set in the SS server that will allow SS to specifically pick up the new camera - anyone got any ideas?

    Hope this all makes sense!
  • With two cameras at location 2, they will each need to operate over different WAN ports, as they will need to share the Internet connection. So their WAN HTTP ports must be different (for remote configuration of the camera) and their WAN RTSP ports must be different (for video streaming) - note that their LAN HTTP/RTSP ports can be the same (for info about the difference between LAN vs WAN see our Remote Monitoring - Intro guide).

    This is achieved using different port forwarding settings in your router. How did you set up port forwarding for the first camera? It has probably used the standard ports already (80 for HTTP and 554 for RTSP), so you'll need to set up port forwarding to the second camera manually, using different ports (perhaps 81 and 555). is a useful site that explains how to configure various routers.

    Note that for manual port forwarding, the camera will most likely need a static IP address on the local network at location 2.

    As the two cameras are sharing the same Internet connection, they can both share the same DDNS name (

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