2018 Mac mini experiences
  • Hi all- I’ve been running my SS setup on a 2012 iMac (retired home office machine replaced with a new iMac) for a couple years. I’ve been adding cameras here and there and am up to 20 now. I’ve been surprised how well it’s actually performed up to this point. It’s only been recently that looking at live video (locally, app or web) has been choppy. Recordings are still smooth and clear. I do use the live video frequently though and decided it was finally time to replace the iMac. I ordered a 2018 Mac mini earlier this week- did the i7 upgrade and ordered 32gb of ram from Crucial. Went with the 256 gb built in storage (I have an existing external SSD for recording storage that I’ll reuse).

    I’m wondering if anyone else has put SS on the 2018 mini, and if so what has your experience been? Seems like it should be quite a little powerhouse especially for the price- I’m excited to see how it performs
  • I would also like to know. Have 2018 Mini i7/32/500 and i am really happy. It transcodes video in Handbrake super fast. The internal SSD benchmarked higher than any single drive i have ever owned. 1800 MB/s write and 2800 MB/s read in Blackmagic.
    Wanted to mention the ram upgrade is a little tricky. Your going to need a Torx T6S screwdriver. Not going to find that at the local hardware store. Also hold on to your old ram sticks. You will need to reinstall them if you have any warranty work done. Technically upgrading your own ram voids your warranty :( Did not stop me from doing it.
    I plan on upgrading my cams to 4K in the future and will migrate SS then. Love to hear how it goes with yor many cams.

    Cheers Tighe
  • Thanks for the info! Glad to hear that positive experience with performance overall.
    I watched a couple videos on the memory upgrade and yeah.. while it is possible they didn't make it particularly easy. I did a fusion drive to SSD swap in the 2012 iMac and that was quite the ordeal.. I'll report some details back after the new setup is running and I can collect some performance data.
  • The procedure doesn't look too bad, though you'll need the right equipment (Torx screwdriver set and plastic spludger). The iFixit guides are always really good: Mac mini Late 2018 Memory (RAM) Replacement.

    Let us know how you get on!
  • The mini was delivered yesterday and I got it up and running, SecuritySpy moved over to it and let it run overnight. I haven't put the additional RAM in it yet so it is still running with the stock 8 GB, but man I'm impressed.. I could tell immediately through the web interface and the iOS client app that performance overall was much better. Live views were not choppy at all. Looking at resource usage the memory usage is hovering at about 6 GB (I'll want to get the upgrade in there since I have a couple other things for home automation I want to run on the mini as well) and CPU is sitting at 80-90% idle with 20 cameras active (most are recording in response to motion, a couple are doing continuous recording. Most of the cameras are 4MP, there are a couple 3MP and 2 5MP)
  • This is impressively low CPU usage! The new Mac minis really are fantastic little machines. You may like to use all that extra processing capacity to increase the frames rates of your cameras or add new cameras to your system :)

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