updated OS to 10.14.4, SS no longer saving motion capture and files lost
  • I updated the OS on the mini mac that runs my SS last evening. I'm not certain if it was coincidence or related to the OS update but all my previously recorded files are gone and SS is no longer saving new/current captured files. Normally I have 30-40 files across the various cameras in a day. As of today I only have one file and after I looked at the video and left the folder I went back and that file is now gone. Looking at the preferences, they all are the same: set to motion capture, disk location the same, etc. Any thought would be appreciated.
  • Trying to trouble shoot:

    Restarted computer

    I created a file (screen shot), dropped it into the daily folder for a camera, left the folder and came back and the file was still there. Opened the file and closed it and about 5 sec later it disappeared. Nothing in the trash. Did this again without opening the file and it disappeared in about 30 sec.

    Dropped the same file into the "Document"s and one into the "Download" folders to see if all new files are disappearing. Just the SS folders are losing files.

    Restarted computer
  • It sounds like the amount of free space on the volume is less than the thresholds you have set for automatic file deletion in the SecuritySpy General Preferences. If this is the case, files will be deleted as soon as they are created.

    If you have plenty of free space, and you believe this is a bug, please download and test the latest beta version of SecuritySpy, as it has some bug fixes and improvements to the automatic file deletion algorithm.
  • Ben, Thanks as always for the quick reply. I have about 70GB free (out of 500). I'll do some file clean-up and retry. If that doesn't work I'll try the beta and report back.
  • I'm an idiot. That was exactly the problem...it had passed the threshold. Changed threshold, deleted some files, will continue to monitor. Sorry for the fire drill.
  • OK great, hopefully this is the problem and it will be easy for you to clear up some space!

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