Motion triggered time-lapse videos?
  • Is there any way to do motion triggered time-lapse videos? The override for playback rate is only in the continuous recording panel.

    Maybe a way to enable/disable the continuous recordings based on a motion action?
  • SecuritySpy is not designed to do exactly this so there are no such settings in the software, however you could achieve this fairly easily by using a simple AppleScript that gets triggered by motion detection, which then turns on Continuous Capture.

    How exactly do you want this to work? Do you want Continuous Capture (timelapse) to record for a set certain period of time after every motion trigger? Let me know and I'll send further instructions.
  • I'm currently doing this with Indigo, using a camera motion trigger and arming/disarming the camera. I was hoping to not have the round trip to Indigo since I loose the pre-capture this way. I expect an AppleScript would net me the same results.

    I'm recording a workshop area. Whenever someone is in there working, I want time lapse recording. When there's no one there, I don't want recording. Something like

    So right now I start (or restart) a timer whenever there's a motion trigger, and arm the camera. When the timer expires, I disarm the camera. I'm playing around with the timer value, right now I think it's 1 minute.
  • It sounds like your current solution is the best one. Anything with AppleScript would be similar. Unfortunately it's not possible to get the pre-capture time with continuous capture using any such method: this is only available for motion capture. I hope your current solution is good enough for your needs.

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