400 Error
  • Strangeness is going on. I got a firmware update on my networked cloud drive and that seemed to make SecuritySpy hate everything. The camera itself is working. SecuritySpy, however, is giving me a “Error 400 (check log)” message. I have no idea what’s going on. Can someone give me an idea?
  • 400 is an HTTP "bad request" result code, which means that the camera didn't understand a request that SecuritySpy sent to it.

    What exactly did you update? It sounds like the camera itself must have updated if the problem happened immediately afterwards - does this sounds right to you?

    What camera is this? Also are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy?

    You can check SecuritySpy's log for further information - choose "Open Log" from the File menu in SecuritySpy.
  • I save my daily recording to a network cloud drive by WD. It seems that WD sent a firmware upgrade that disconnected the camera from SS. I restarted SS, hoping it would connect without difficulty. It did not. I wiped the UUID just in case it had changed, which usually works. Not this time. I did a hard re-boot of the camera (Sumpple s610). That’s when I started getting the 400 error.

    It took me quite some time, but I was able to get SS working again. The camera had never stopped. I could access it through both my laptop and iOS via the Sumpple app. It was when I delved into the working of the former that I realized the hard re-boot reset the username and password. Once I reset those back to my own information, the camera and SS were able to talk again and everything is now fine.

  • Great to hear you worked out the problem! With bad login credentials, cameras should return a 401 “unauthorised” error code, which would be much more helpful in tracking down the problem, though we have seen some cameras give an unhelpful 400 code too, so your camera is not unique in this.

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