Memory Leak in SS 4.2.9?
  • I'm running SS 4.2.9 on an older Mac Mini (Late 2009, 2.26Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, OS 10.11.6) with two Hikvision and one cheap Samsung. One camera has motion detection, the other two capture constantly at 6 fps. No other apps running.

    With Activity Monitor open displaying the Memory tab, there is: kernel_task owned by root with a PID of 0 that's always the largest memory user. With only the the SS Camera Info window open (and also Activity Monitor), the kernel_task will float around 275MB for many weeks and there are no issues. If I open the All Cameras window in SS, the kernel_task memory will jump up a bit, as I'd expect. But that number continues to climb over time. When it hits 1GB or so, I start getting High Memory Pressure alerts.

    Curiously, during high memory pressure, if I simply click on a different Finder window – such as Activity Monitor or any other unselected window – the memory usage of kernel_task drops back down to 275MB. But will begin its slow usage climb again if the Mac is left untouched.

    If I leave the All Camera window closed, the kernel_task memory usage remains stable. But the All Cameras window is really useful! I don't mind if it burns some memory and CPU, but the unchecked drift upward is an issue.

    Let me know if there are any other details that might help isolate what is going on and what I might do.

    Thank you!

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