Shopping for a new outdoor camera
  • Asking if anyone can suggest a outdoor IP camera for my setup. I have three cameras today and my next camera needs to support focal ranges from 2.8mm to 12mm that can be controlled by SS as opposed to using a browser and plugin.

    I'm looking for these focal ranges because my current cameras only record motion detected video reliably up to 35'. I can easily capture cars and bicycles at greater distances but not so for people walking down the street. I even had a case where someone walked up and left a note in my mailbox yet the camera never detected this movement.

    If you've had a stable SS experience with cameras that support various focal lengths, please let me know.
  • In this case, you need a camera that specifically supports zoom. Cameras with "variable focal length" or "Varifocal") allow changing the focal length, but this is typically for a one-off setting when you first install the camera, and is not designed for continuous use.

    So, something like a Vivotek Speed Dome camera would be good. Dahua Technology also have many models with zoom: use the Dahua product selector and search for ones with Zoom.

    The Amcrest IP2M-853E is also a good option that is great value, as are Sunba cameras (however note that these require a Windows PC for initial setup).

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