iOS app -- servers not being saved
  • I have 2 licenses and 2 SecuritySpy installations. In the iOS app I always have to select “+” and re-enter the Address / Port / Username / Password every time I want to switch between Servers. It is not saved. All that shows is “RECENT” and only the currently active Server. The other Server disappears each time I switch. How do I save the 2 servers to switch between them easily?
  • I received a reply from Support. I will put it here for reference:

    This issue will occur if you migrate SecuritySpy's Preferences to another Mac, for use in another (simultaneously used) install of SecuritySpy.

    Thus you will need to close one (ideally second installed) install of SecuritySpy. Then manually remove/backup its SecuritySpy Preferences v7x file. Which will reset all of SecuritySpys Preferences to default and wipe/remove all Cameras Settings (so you could take screenshots to document settings). File is located in ~/Library/Preferences/ accessible under Finder's "Go" main menu bar item, when selecting "Go To Folder.." and then entering ~/Library/Preferences/.

    This will require you to re-register this newly reset (e.g second) install of SecuritySpy. Plus setup up all custom Preferences, as well as all cameras again. So make sure you use the correct registration in it (i.e not the one used in the other install). Also make sure each SecuritySpy server has its own "Web server name" and if used, also its own Dynamic DNS ( address) name.

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