iOS capture playback
  • I am unable to view the current file that is recording from iOS. This means that I have to wait until the day is up before I can review my footage from a mobile device, since I capture as a daily file for each camera.
    I choose to capture as a daily file because it makes finding a playback time easy since the files are 24hrs.
    I get an error message “unable to connect to server”
    I am able to view the file as it is recording on the Mac.
    Is this a limitation to the iOS software?
  • Have same issue
  • This is not a limitation of the software, and we are not aware of any bugs in this area (though what you are describing could point to a possible bug that we are not yet aware of). Are you both using the latest version of SecuritySpy and the latest version of the SecuritySpy iOS app?
  • Yes, I have the latest versions.
    I have tried multiple iPads and several iPhones all with the same result in unable to playback the current files in record.
  • OK, we will do some testing here and get back to you (probably directly by email) when we have been able to investigate this.
  • Have you had a chance to perform the testing?
  • Have you had a chance to perform the testing?
  • Hello, I am experiencing the same issue, and have been since I purchased the software earlier this year. Has anything been done on this issue?
  • Additionally, on the web interface, I am unable to seek to a specific time point in the current continuous capture file. If I play back one from the previous hour (I have them split on the hour), I can click on the playback bar and it will go to wherever I click, but if it's the one being currently recorded, I cannot seek to that time. I can play it back at normal and fast speed, so I have to use 16x playback and wait until the time I want to view.
  • Sorry for the delay, this was a tricky one. When scrubbing, the client (browser) requests different bits of the file in multiple separate requests. The problem with unfinished files is that they are changing constantly, so this was resulting in inconsistent data being generated between these separate requests. With iOS, scrubbing is also affected but even without scrubbing, iOS requests the file in multiple separate chunks anyway, so this was triggering the same problem.

    This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.11b5). Please can you all test and confirm?
  • That did it Ben, much appreciated!
  • Great. There is a new beta up (4.2.11b6 - same link as above) with a few more changes related to this, please can you all update to this one and confirm everything works as expected. Thanks.
  • Installed b6 and it is working. Also, my errors seem to have disappeared with the latest 2 versions.
  • I don’t seem to have audio any longer?...
    b6 motion capture and continuous capture.
  • confirmed, audio is no longer recording.
  • In regards to the audio, could you please clarify exactly what's not working?

    Do you see the speaker icon in the Camera Info window and can you hear the live audio from the camera if you click it?

    If you open the recorded movie files in QuickTime Player, do you get audio there? Or is it just when viewing movies via the web/iOS interface?
  • I tested, so it is being recorded and is playing back through VLC.
    B6 does not playback sound in iOS.
    The files that were recorded prior to B6 do playback sound through iOS.
  • No audio recorded in QuickTime Player.
    Speaker icon working with sound.
    Reverted back to 4.2.11b5
    working good.
  • Mike can you check with VLC?
  • Affirmative, lots of sound through VLC.
  • Great, thanks for checking. Maybe it’s a codec issue.
  • I can't reproduce this sound problem. Are either of you able to email me an example file that demonstrate this problem? As the files may be larger than allowed by email, please use WeTransfer to generate a download link and send the link to Thanks.
  • Ill see what I can do. My files are recorded in daily size of 19GB minimum. I can hear the audio Live, but unable to hear it on playback on iOS and Mac OS. I can hear the audio with VLC playback.
  • The easiest way to generate a small file to demonstrate the problem is like this:

    - Disarm Continuous Capture mode
    - Go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Continuous Capture
    - Turn on movie capture and set to "every time cc is armed"
    - Apply Preferences
    - Arm CC mode, wait 10 seconds, Disarm CC mode
    - Reset your settings to how they were before

    You should now have a short 10-second movie that is easy to send to me.

  • OK this problem should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.11b8). Please test and confirm. Thanks.
  • This seems to be working great!
  • Thanks Mike. This has now been released as an official 4.2.11 update.
  • Thank you Ben, I'm finding that the live view issues have been resolved on my end as well with the latest update of SecuritySpy 4. I appreciate the support.

    I am noticing a strange issue, however. I have my cameras set to continuous capture, with files split on the hour. It seems that the iOS app is now showing the times for the capture as an hour off. i.e:

    7/9/19, 12:00PM -> Tapping this plays a video from 7/9/19 11:00:00 AM
    7/9/19, 11:00PM -> Tapping this plays a video from 7/9/19 10:00:00 AM
    7/9/19, 10:00PM -> Tapping this plays a video from 7/9/19 09:00:00 AM


    The web interface shows the files correctly, that is:

    2019/07/09 13 C Camera 1.m4v -> Clicking on this plays a video from 7/9/19 01:00:00 PM. (As expected.)

    The files are also named properly, in the storage folder. The one tip I can think of is that the "last modified time" for the files reads as follows:

    2019-07-09 13 C Camera 1.m4v
    Last modified: 2019/07/09 02:00 PM.

    I presume this is correct behavior, as the file was being written to until the very last second of the hour, then finished off to start a new one once the new hour hit. It seems that the iOS app seems to be reading this "last modified" time, rather than the file name?

    That's my best guess for it. Any chance you'd be willing to take a look at this? Thank you!

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