iOS app missing audio on playback on some devices
  • I’ll preface by saying this is a weird one.

    Between my wife and I, we have 5 iOS devices. Two iPhones, two iPads and an iPad mini.

    On some of the iOS devices, when we play back a recorded clip that contains audio, there’s no audio even with the device turned all the way up.

    If I play the same clip on a Mac, the sound is there.
    If I take the clip from Finder and send it to one of those devices either through Messages or Email, the audio works fine.

    All other audio works flawlessly on those devices.

    I’ve tried turning Bluetooth on and off, restarting, etc. nothing has worked. I have not tried AirPlay to an AppleTV or playback through the native tvOS app, though.

    All devices are running iOS 12+, and are up to date.

    I’m stumped. Any thoughts on what to look for?
  • This certainly is a weird one, especially if the audio works in some iOS devices and not others (is this the case?). Are you able to send us one of these files so that we can take a look to see if we can spot any problems? If so, please send a short one to

    To confirm, are you using our SecuritySpy iOS app to play back the files?
  • I'll send a couple of small clips over that have sound on Mac OS and some iOS devices using the SecuritySpy app, but not all.

    And yes, using your app. :-)

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